1. NICE!

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  2. Beautiful, sexy, dark @Lanadelrey


  3. Our DEBUT appearance on a music blog?? #theonlywayisup! :D


  4. Missed the gig last Saturday? Shame on you! ;) Here are a few highlights for your viewing pleasure! Just click on the link…


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  5. old skool, but what a #tune!


  6. It’s my party and I’ll gig if I want to…SO excited to have so many charismatic people squeezes into one space @leobaynes happy birthday! X


  7. Annie Gardiner fronts this band. I answered some interesting questions she posted me for a magazine she writes for. He’s one of them:
    Q: What is it like being a man in a band/music industry?

    A: Promoters falling for my ‘Louis-Theroux-born-yesterday impression.’ Yeah that’s right you fuckers, if you’ve attempted to swindle me lately expect my findings to be in print really soon.

    Being a man in the industry means being taken seriously without unnecessary outmoded social graces.

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  8. Thanks for everyone who turned up to see MAXINE AND THE MINIONS last night. IT WAS RAMMED! See you on the 13th March in Camden where we’ll be supporting TRICKS OF THE GODS. Event page SOON. I have a lust for life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJTsPLMFMDM

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  9. THIS is how you do EPIC :D

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  10. Rehearsing at Monsieur Dave mountain’s studio attic sounds with producer Gordon Raphael. Xx